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Spacing Announces Winning Designs from Waterfront T-Shirt Contest

Jun 11, 2015

Five winning t-shirt designs celebrate Toronto's iconic waterfront spaces and places.

Five winning t-shirt designs celebrate Toronto’s iconic waterfront spaces and places.

By Christopher McKinnon

Last month, Waterfront Toronto and the Spacing Store joined forces to host a t-shirt design competition calling for submissions that celebrate the iconic public spaces, buildings, and character of the city’s waterfront. Out of more than 75 submissions, our jury selected five stand-out t-shirts.

The winning designs will be on sale in the Spacing Store (401 Richmond St. W.) early next month and will be available for pre-order in their e-store in a few days. A portion of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be donated to Toronto charity and park advocacy group, Park People. We offer a hearty congratulations to the winning designers, who will each receive a $750 honourarium.

DESIGNER: Charisma Panchapakesan WEB SITE: cabarchitects.ca

Design by Charisma Panchapakesan | cabarchitects.ca

What the Jury said: “This is a totally fun and unexpected design. We love the idea of including the Hearn Power Plant as it’s not often associated with the waterfront.”

DESIGNER: Kristian Bauthus WEB SITE: kbauthus.com

Design by Kristian Bauthus | kbauthus.com

What the Jury said: “We really dig the idea of making the water ‘drip’ and how Kristian picked the lake to be the focus and not the buildings or land.”

DESIGNER: David Kopulos WEB SITE: davidkopulos.com

Design by David Kopulos | davidkopulos.com

What the Jury said: “This is the most subtle of the winning designs — the word WATER FRONT and horizontal lines are inspired by the typography of the Martin Goodman Trail signs. It says ‘Toronto’ to someone who lives in the city and knows how great the trail is for residents.”

DESIGNER: Mackenzie Blake

Design by Mackenzie Blake

What the Jury said: “The 37 pink umbrellas at Sugar Beach are one of the city’s newest icons. This design does a great job of ‘speaking’ to the great public space that the beach has become.”

DESIGNER: Christine Yuen WEB SITE: christieyuen.com

Design by Christine Yuen | christieyuen.com

What the Jury said: “There are a lot of waterfront icons represented in this design but it succeeds by not being cluttered. We can see both local residents and tourists wearing this t-shirt.”

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  • Christopher McKinnon

    Christopher McKinnon was previously a communications and public engagement Manager at Waterfront Toronto. He’s passionate about art, cycling in the city, public transit and building really amazing parks.