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We Want Your Questions About Toronto’s Waterfront Revitalization

Nov 26, 2014

An artist's rendering of what future development might look like in Toronto's Port Lands

People often ask us what the Port Lands will look like in the future. This artist’s rendering helps show what it might look like as development moves forward. What questions do you have about Toronto’s waterfront revitalization?

By Andrew Hilton

Part of our job here at Waterfront Toronto is to inform the public about waterfront revitalization. In fact, we think it is one of the most important parts of what we do, in terms of our commitment to accountability and transparency. Without your engagement, participation and support we can’t build new communities, new parks or new infrastructure. We can’t support the growth and continued success of our local businesses, big and small. And, most importantly, we can’t build our shared vision for this place where the city meets the water.

Last month, we launched our new video designed to get people talking – and in that video we debuted a new hashtag, #TOtheWaterfront, that we want to use to have a public conversation about waterfront revitalization in Toronto. We want everyone to know what’s happening on the waterfront. We want to talk about why it’s happening and what it means for our city, for those of us who live, work and play here.

#TOtheWaterfront is our way of celebrating the progress we’ve made over the last decade and inviting everyone to be a part of what is still to come. It’s not just about Waterfront Toronto. It’s about the waterfront. And the story of the waterfront is, in part, driven by your perceptions, ideas and curiosity about it.

So ask us your questions. Ask us about anything to do with waterfront revitalization. We’ll do our best to answer those questions clearly and succinctly – using  text, graphics, video or any other medium that will help to tell the story and add to the public conversation.

There are a few questions that we’re already working on, so you can expect to see those answers soon. Questions, such as: 

Why was Waterfront Toronto created and what is it tasked with doing?

How are parks and public spaces good for people, good for business and good for our city?

What is the size and scale of proposed waterfront development? And, more specifically, why are we building condos in our new waterfront neighbourhoods?

What are the economic benefits of Waterfront Toronto’s work? What is the social, environmental and business case for waterfront revitalization?

We hope you want to learn more and join the conversation about what we are doing and what it means to you and the city.

Come down to the waterfront, see what’s changed and learn more about the changes to come. Check out our website. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Most importantly, ask us your questions using the #TOtheWaterfront hashtag. We want to answer them and we want you to be a part of this conversation.

Watch and share:

If you’re not on Twitter or Facebook, you can send your questions by email to info@waterfrontoronto.ca or by post to:

Waterfront Toronto
ATTN: Andrew Hilton, Director, Communications & Marketing
20 Bay Street, Suite 1310
Toronto ON  M5J 2N8


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  • Andrew Hilton

    Andrew Hilton was previously the director of communications and marketing at Waterfront Toronto.