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Waterfront Design Review Panel Seeking New Members

Feb 15, 2017

Canada's Sugar Beach in East Bayfront at night.

Canada’s Sugar Beach is one of the waterfront’s most loved places thanks to an iconic design that includes bright pink umbrellas, white muskoka chairs and oversized candy-striped granite rocks.  (Image Credit: Nicola Betts)

By: Meghan Hogan

From the beginning, our mandate for a revitalized waterfront included raising the bar for excellence in design. In order to set new standards for architecture and design, we established the Waterfront Design Review Panel in 2005. 

The first of its kind of Toronto, the Panel is an independent advisory body that helps guide and inform the revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront. Comprised of leaders in architecture, landscape design, engineering and planning, the Panel’s mission is to provide objective, professional advice to Waterfront Toronto and/or the City of Toronto about proposed projects within the Designated Waterfront Design Review Area (Dowling Avenue to Coxwell Avenue). The role of the Panel is to advocate for the highest quality outcomes for residents and visitors of Toronto on the waterfront.

The City has since established a Design Review Panel to guide its projects. Waterfront Toronto’s Panel remains a forum for advancing excellence in design and city-building on the waterfront. 

The Simcoe WaveDeck along the central waterfront at dusk.The water's edge promenade in East Bayfront.

Left: The most dramatic of the wavedecks along Toronto’s central waterfront, Simcoe has become a must-see Toronto attraction thanks to its impressive design. Right: The water’s edge promenade in East Bayfront is an award-winning space that features a granite mosaic paving design, signature park benches and light poles inspired by the Canadian maple leaf. (Image Credits: Nicola Betts)

The Panel meets monthly to provide input and advice on both public projects, like parks, bridges and other infrastructure, as well as private buildings, including residential, commercial and retail spaces. All Waterfront Toronto led projects are required to come before the Design Review Panel, although a number of other projects in the Designated Waterfront Design Review Area come to the Panel for input voluntarily. 

During each meeting, the Panel is given the opportunity to give support, conditional support or non-support for each project that is presented. If the project receives support or conditional support, it can move onto its next phase; but if the project receives non-support, the project team must take the Panel’s feedback into consideration and return at a later date for further review.  

The Waterfront Design Review Panel’s monthly meetings are open to the public. If you’d like to attend, please check our online calendar for details on upcoming meetings. To learn more about the Design Review Panel, check out the Waterfront Design Review Panel By-Laws

Call for new members

Waterfront Toronto’s Design Review Panel is now seeking seven new members:

•    1 Architect
•    1 Landscape Architect
•    1 Urban Designer
•    1 Planner
•    2 Engineers
•    1 Innovation Strategist

Visit our newsroom to learn more about the call for new members including eligibility and qualifications, and how to apply. Applications are due by Friday, March 31, 2017 at 4 p.m.

Know someone who might be interested in joining our Design Review Panel? Share this blog post or download a PDF copy of the Call for Members 2017 and pass it along. 

post contributor

  • Meghan Hogan

    Meghan Hogan was previously a communications and public engagement manager at Waterfront Toronto.