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Tell Us About the Experiences You’d Like to Have in Two New Waterfront Parks

Mar 9, 2018

Artist’s illustration highlights the location of two future parks on Toronto’s downtown waterfront.

This artist’s illustration highlights the location of two future parks on Toronto’s downtown waterfront.

Last week, Waterfront Toronto, in partnership with the City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, launched an international design competition to develop a bold vision for two new waterfront parks. Our request for qualifications invites talented and experienced design teams to pre-qualify for the competition to design York Street Park and Rees Street Park, integrating them into a growing collection of vibrant public spaces along Toronto’s waterfront.
Located at the southern foot of York Street and Rees Street respectively, these two parks will add significantly to our connected network of public spaces on the waterfront. They are being designed to serve the diverse needs of local residents, office workers, community groups and visitors.
These are the high-level aspirations that will guide the design of these two parks:
  • Offer compelling new park experiences and support a range of social activities for a diverse group of people and community groups
  • Provide opportunities to incorporate innovative public art and art programs
  • Act as key gateways and arrival points to the waterfront by welcoming visitors and creating memorable experiences
  • Strive to uphold a high standard of design excellence and quality of place that has been achieved across the waterfront
On January 22, 2018, we held a public meeting to gather feedback from local residents. Learn more about the proposals by viewing the presentation, or download it in PDF [8.95 MB]. You can view the presentation given here:


Have you got a question? Want to share your feedback?

Your input will help to inform the design brief given to the competition teams. Leave us your comments here and see what others are saying:

If you'd like to provide even more detailed feedback, take this ten-minute survey about How to Make a Great Park.

How else can you get involved? We’re seeking community-members-at-large to join the Stakeholder Advisory Committee for York Street Park and Rees Street Park. We’re looking for folks who are willing and able to engage with and represent groups of communities with an interest in new waterfront public spaces, as well as individuals with experience advocating for active transportation (walking and cycling), accessibility, and a variety of recreational activities in parks and public spaces. 

If you’re interested in joining, you must be able to commit to attending three (3) meetings—generally taking place on weekday evenings, two to three hours in length—over the course of the next twelve months. 

Learn more about the call for submissions and how to apply on our website



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  • Christopher McKinnon

    Christopher McKinnon was previously a communications and public engagement Manager at Waterfront Toronto. He’s passionate about art, cycling in the city, public transit and building really amazing parks.