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Realizing the Waterfront’s Potential: Setting strong objectives and a clear evaluation framework for Quayside

Dec 14, 2018

Recap of the Quayside Public Roundtable

By: Stephanie Chow

On December 8, 2018, approximately 400 Toronto residents joined Waterfront Toronto for updates and roundtable discussions on the Quayside project, also referred to as the Sidewalk Toronto project. Waterfront Toronto hosted the full-day meeting, at which Sidewalk Labs and members of the project team shared a variety of details being considered for the Quayside Master Innovation and Development Plan (MIDP).

Waterfront Toronto has made great progress transforming the waterfront with its forward-looking vision for new neighbourhoods, including areas like the West Don Lands and East Bayfront. Our aim for Quayside is to build on these successes and bend the curve in terms of defining new approaches to inclusive, sustainable city building practices.

At the meeting, Meg Davis, Waterfront Toronto's Chief Development Officer, outlined Waterfront Toronto’s approach to how it will evaluate the MIDP once the proposal is submitted by Sidewalk Labs. She described a thoughtful process that connects a number of Waterfront Toronto’s long-standing objectives, including corporate objectives, Quayside RFP objectives, key Government policy objectives, and detailed priorities.The result is a refined list of goals and objectives—which also benefited from expert third-party review—and a set of Priority Outcomes for Quayside.

It’s a lot of information to take in and we invite you to check out this more detailed explanation of the evaluation and the objectives against which the MIDP will eventually be assessed.

Priority outcomes include job creation and economic development, sustainability and climate positive development, housing affordability, new mobility and innovations.

At the roundtable, participants had the opportunity to attend a morning session and/or an afternoon session, both with the same agenda. Four 50 minute breakout sessions were offered, each running twice in the morning and twice in the afternoon. The topics of each breakout sessions focused on: Quayside Draft Site Plan and Transportation, Affordable Housing and Social Infrastructure, Digital Governance, and Sustainability.

What do you think?

Did you miss an opportunity to have one of your questions answered? There is still time to let us know your questions, concerns and ideas for the project!

Watch the video of the plenary presentation and Q&A’s here.

You can also watch the recordings of all breakout sessions here.

Download the Roundtable Workbook and Digital Governance worksheet from our website. Fill them out and submit it to either info@waterfrontoronto.ca or hello@sidewalktoronto.ca no later than December 21, 2018.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts!

You can also view all presentation decks on the website.

Here are some highlights from the day:


Plenary Presentation

The Plenary Presentation included Waterfront Toronto’s approach to how it will evaluate the draft MIDP, and Jesse Shapins, Director of Public Realm at Sidewalk Labs, gave an overview of the draft Quayside Site Plan.

The plenary presentation and Q&A were livestreamed to our social media channels. Watch the video here.

Here is the link to the presentation deck.


Quayside Draft Site Plan and Transportation

The breakout was hosted by Waterfront Toronto’s Leslie Gash and Pina Mallozzi, and Sidewalk Labs’ Andrew Miller (accompanied by Jesse Shapins) presented the proposed mobility network for Quayside.

Watch the recording of the breakout session here.

Here is the link to the presentation deck.


Affordable Housing and Social Infrastructure

Waterfront Toronto’s Michael Wolfe and Sumeet Ahluwalia hosted the breakout session while Sidewalk Labs’ Alexis Wise and Ariel Kennan presented proposals around Affordable Housing and Social Infrastructure.

Watch the recording of the breakout session here.

Here is the link to the presentation deck.


Digital Governance

Waterfront Toronto’s Kristina Verner hosted the session and was joined by members of MaRS, who facilitated the breakout activity. Sidewalk Labs’ Alyssa Harvey Dawson provided context to Sidewalk’s proposed approach to digital governance in Quayside.

Watch the recording of the breakout session here.

Here is the link to the presentation deck.



Waterfront Toronto’s Aaron Barter hosted the breakout session while Charlotte Matthews presented Sidewalk Labs’ vision for Sustainability in the new neighbourhood.

Watch the recording of the breakout session here.

Here is the link to the presentation deck.


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  • Stephanie Chow

    Stephanie Chow was previously the communications and public engagement coordinator for the Quayside project.