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Photo: Canada's Sugar Beach on a Sunny Spring Day

Jun 5, 2014

Canada's Sugar Beach on a warm spring day

On a warm spring day, Canada's Sugar Beach is a pretty great place to soak up the rays and watch the sugar boat (in the background) unload its cargo.

Photo by Andrew Hilton

Okay, you probably know this already, but we can't help ourselves saying it again: We really, really love Sugar Beach. And it seems we're not alone! Passing by the urban beach last week, we snapped this shot of a surprising number of Torontonians enjoying an unseasonably warm spring day. We're reminded once again of just how nicely the trees are filling out. Remember this blog post from Deep Root that dramatically illustrates just how much the trees are benefiting from their silva cells? 

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  • Andrew Hilton

    Andrew Hilton was previously the director of communications and marketing at Waterfront Toronto.