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About Our New Video: To the Waterfront

Nov 5, 2014

Toronto's waterfront is changing

Starting last Friday, you may have heard about a new Waterfront Toronto video. If you were at the movies over this past weekend, you might have seen it.

By Andrew Hilton

Over the weekend, we launched a new video that we hope will make you want to learn more about the ongoing revitalization of Toronto’s waterfront. Our city is changing and the waterfront plays an important part in the city’s future. If you haven't seen the video yet, you can watch it on our YouTube Channel, or embedded below.

The video and the stories we want to tell about waterfront revitalization are part of a new initiative that we outlined last week. We hope you want to learn more and join the conversation about what we are doing and what it means to you and the city. Check out our website. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Ask us questions using the #TOtheWaterfront hashtag. Even better, come down to the waterfront, see what’s changed and learn more about the changes to come.


Waterfront Toronto is a public corporation, so the majority of our funding comes from government – which means from you. We are accountable for how we spend your money and the benefits that spending provides. So we think it is reasonable if you are asking, “How much did this video cost?”

Waterfront Toronto spent about $50,000 to produce two videos – a 60-second version with sound and a 30-second silent version. We will be sharing them on social media and will be made available to all our partners who help to promote our city. The 60-second version will also be screened at select cinemas across Toronto as a public service announcement, ensuring that it will reach a broad audience.  

We worked hard to manage our costs. The actors in the video are all real people. They are our colleagues and friends, and they were happy to support us in making this video. In working with us, they were a constant reminder that all of the changes that are happening on the waterfront are being done for people – whether you live on the waterfront (or would like to), come down to visit, see a concert or play, shop or eat or just walk around.

People have been attracted to the water’s edge for as long as humans have been around; it’s where we live, gather, trade, play and celebrate. Waterfronts are for people, and in a city that neglected the waterfront for decades, that’s an important thing to remember.

Stay tuned – you’ll be hearing and seeing more from us over the coming months.

post contributor

  • Andrew Hilton

    Andrew Hilton was previously the director of communications and marketing at Waterfront Toronto.