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Jonathan Laski

Jonathan Laski is the Director of Client Services at Zerofootprint. He was formerly a project manager at Waterfront Toronto, focused on environment and innovation initiatives. He has worked on city-building and sustainability issues for several years in both Canada and the United Kingdom. In his previous roles he has worked with staff in city governments around the world focused on reducing energy consumption in public and private buildings and enhancing their cities’ climate change resiliency. Jonathan was once a practicing lawyer but found he had a dislike for neck ties. He is more at ease when bicycling around town checking out local garage sales.

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    As an organization mandated to revitalize Toronto’s waterfront and create a series of sustainable urban communities, we asked ourselves how we could encourage residents and visitors alike to enjoy physical activity and fresh air in these new neighbourhoods.


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    Buildings are responsible for a majority of our energy use and a majority of our greenhouse gas emissions – 61% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2007. With new energy consumption data coming online, we are gaining more insight into how to dramatically improve our buildings' energy performance.