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Andrew Hilton

Andrew Hilton was previously the director of communications and marketing at Waterfront Toronto and is currently the Vice President of External Communications at Vestas in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has worked as a journalist, political consultant and corporate communicator and has lived in Canada, China, Germany and Denmark. 

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  • One Step Closer to Unlocking the Port Lands

    Posted: Jul 22, 2015  

    Waterfront Toronto and its government partners recently announced $5 million in funding to complete due diligence work on the proposal to naturalize the mouth of the Don River.


  • Waterfront Toronto's Report Card

    Posted: Mar 18, 2015  

    Waterfront Toronto will be hosting a town hall meeting, giving members of the public an opportunity to get an update and ask questions on waterfront revitalization.


  • We Want Your Questions About Toronto’s Waterfront Revitalization

    Posted: Nov 26, 2014  

    What might Toronto’s Port Lands look like in the future? How will waterfront revitalization affect our city? Ask us your questions. We want to answer them.


  • About Our New Video: To the Waterfront

    Posted: Nov 5, 2014  

    Starting last Friday, you may have heard about a new Waterfront Toronto video. If you were at the movies over this past weekend, you might have seen it.


  • A New Way to Tell the Waterfront Story

    Posted: Oct 31, 2014  

    We hear a lot of questions about waterfront revitalization – from citizens, from journalists and even from those who live and work on the waterfront. We want to answer these questions. Here's how.


  • Transparency and Accountability on the Waterfront

    Posted: Jul 4, 2014  

    We're committed to earning the trust and confidence of Torontonians and the broader public that we serve by being honest and open and by acting with integrity and accountability. So here's what we've done.


  • Connecting Cycling Routes Along the Waterfront

    Posted: Jun 24, 2014  

    Being able to cycle to work is a great thing, both for the exercise and the freedom from packed subways and streetcars. Cycle commuting is even better when you can rely on a good, interconnected network of bike lanes and separated paths to get around easily and safely.


  • Photo: Canada's Sugar Beach on a Sunny Spring Day

    Posted: Jun 5, 2014  

    On a warm spring day, Canada's Sugar Beach is a pretty good place to catch some rays and watch the sugar ship unload.


  • Revitalizing Toronto’s Waterfront is a Complex Balancing Act

    Posted: Mar 4, 2014  

    Toronto’s waterfront is being transformed from derelict industrial lands into dynamic new mixed-use neighbourhoods that reconnect us with our waterfront through truly inspiring parks and public spaces. But it’s no easy feat – this transformation requires a delicate balancing act that makes sure that no single way that we use the waterfront overpowers all the others.