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Alissa Randall

Alissa Randall was a social media and online content intern at Waterfront Toronto. She has a Journalism and Public Relations education background and has worked for community newspapers. She is also interested in learning about what elements go into making a great city. In her free time, Alissa enjoys finding new cafes in the city, reading, fitness, and attending festivals and concerts.

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  • Town Hall Recap: 5 highlights about the future of waterfront revitalization

    Posted: Jun 15, 2017  

    As we enter the second phase of waterfront revitalization, there are new transformational projects on the horizon. On Tuesday, June 6, more than 240 people joined us at a public town hall where our CEO, Will Fleissig updated the community on our evolving mandate, new strategies and the major projects that will define the waterfront’s future. Here are five highlights from the Town Hall.